One Stop Sound

One Stop Sound is built around the services of Damon Fries, a professional voiceover artist in US/American and mid-Atlantic/European English, musician and audio post-production engineer and producer for media in studios around the world. Beginning as a radio DJ and radio comedy/actor, he has now voiced , produced and mixed projects for international TV/radio commercials, corporate videos, theatrical films, e-learning courses, and much more. He is involved in several music projects and regularly tours Europe, The United States, Mexico and South America. He is particularly specialised in coordinating and working on international, multi-language localisation projects.

Our services

01. Voice over recording, directing, mixing, producing & post production for all media
02. Voiceover casting & translation in most langauges
03. Format/file conversions & copies plus audio restoration
04. Connectivity worldwide via SourceConnect/ISDN/ipDTL/Skype
05. TV level mixing or conversion for EU R128 and all worldwide media & broadcast formats
06. Music composition & Sound Design
07. ADR/lip-sync
08. In-house US English/mid-Atlantic male & female voiceover services (with no casting or studio charge!)


Complete voiceover services

Damon works with his voice almost every day for clients around the world from his own studio, remotely or wherever he is needed. A specialist in both US English & Mid-Atlantic/European styles of voiceover, his versatile voice can be friendly, warm, and convincing - or be loud, crazy, cartoon-y and hard-sell. In addition, One Stop Sound can find the appropriate voices and arrange all recording, directing, localisation and production needed in whatever languages required. Locally, we specialise in Dutch and English - but work remotely with other studios worldwide via Source Connect, ISDN, ipDTL or Skype. Music composition and sound design, as well as mixing audio for media (R128 TV standard, corporate videos, etc) are also no problem.


Please feel free to contact us to see if we can help or assist you with your next project

One Stop Sound

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